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This website was designed and developed in-house by our MNA staff in 2000. The initial concept was to make it our brokerage house resume, but as it progressed, it evolved into an ‘E source’ site for all
property managers. Now as of 2015, managersfirst™.com will be activated and updated to reflect the industry changes which have taken place in both Commercial and Residential Property Management (PM). The website has been designed to be inclusive for all levels of PM. If you would like to be put on our new e-mail list for 2015 -16, please sign up.  The current entry point to www.managersfirst™.com will be through until late 2015 managersfirst™.com is a ‘San Diego original’ published on-line by m specializing in real-time information covering all aspects of the ‘bricks & mortar’ of Real Estate Asset Management. For details and or other information please e-mail and or phone (760)-803-1971